a little song

like many musicians since lockdowns began, i have been exploring the world of producing music at home. some of the results of this exploration can be heard on the oops kitchen’s apocalypse radio soundcloud (you can listen from the beginning and hear our progression as we get better at home recording/production – or listen in reverse and hear us get more and more lo-fi). as a way of challenging myself both to learn a new side of the music-making process and to write more music, i’ve decided to start a project of writing, recording, and producing/mixing songs at home, with the idea that they will all be kind of mini-songs that don’t need to have traditional forms or pre-conceived arrangements.

without further ado, here is the first one! hope you enjoy. you can also check it out on youtube.

new album from Alex Le Blanc!

i’m really proud to say that my good friend Alex Le Blanc has released a new record! it’s called “Musique Pour Jeunes Fous” and we recorded it last fall at Breakglass Studios in Montréal. Alex is a fantastic musician and human being and i’m confident you will love the music we made together!

the album is available on bandcamp and all streaming services and there are physical CDs as well which look fantastic.